When developing apps, especially when one wants to go cross platform, there really aren't any silver bullets. The only real options are HTML5 wrappers (PhoneGap, et al.), or Xamarin. Pre-iOS8(7?) HTML5 wrappers performed poorly, and to this day, they don't really target native controls (other than React Native, which only targets iOS, so is excluded from this discussion), which leads to clunky interfaces. That brings us to Xamarin:

I'm a big believer in frequent backups, and I realized I had one big weak spot: Evernote. I keep all of my day-to-day notes and thoughts in various notes and notebooks, and losing even a small chunk of those could be catastrophic (melodramtic, I know).

I noticed that one of my more informative write ups went down, so here it is, recreated. It's interesting to read back on how challenging this sort of thing used to be: